We have comprised a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at Leech Lake Boat Rentals at Trapper’s Landing Lodge. 

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Are dogs welcome on the boat rentals?

Yes dogs are welcome on the boats. We ask that all dogs stay on the floor and that you clean up after your pet. You are responsible for any damages that your dog may cause.

Are you able to tube, water ski or wakeboard on Leech Lake?

Yes, you are able to tube, ski and wakeboard on the lake. Most of our pontoons and boats are able to pull towables. Please ask our marina staff for good areas to participate in those activities.

Are there Public Beaches on Leech Lake?

There is a good number of public beaches on the lake that you can explore. Our Marina staff would be happy to show you on a map where those beaches are located.

If we provide our own equipment is the Boat Rental Cheaper?

No we charge for the use of the boat, the gear is free to use while staying on site or renting the boat.

Are we allowed to have alcoholic beverages while operating the boat?

You can get a DWI while driving a boat in Minnesota. We ask that the driver refrains from drinking while driving our rentals. If you do choose to drink please drink responsibly.

Is my gas included with my rental?

All of our rentals start with a full tank of gas. You are responsible for the gas you use while you are using the rental. At the end of the rental one of our marina staff will fill the boat and you will pay for the total gas used.

What if it is raining on my day of Rental?

We do not cancel or refund boat rentals for a regular rain shower. If the winds are too dangerous or there is severe weather we will reschedule your boat rental or give credit towards future boat rental.

What do we do in the event of a Storm while we are on the water?

We do our best to warn you of incoming weather, if you miss that text message or get caught, it’s best to find the closest marina or shoreline and wait out the storm there. We suggest that you do not try to fight the weather back to the resort. Make sure you carry a cell phone to check the weather and to communicate with the resort your needs.

My kids are fishing do I need a license for them?

In the state of Minnesota if you are under the age of 16 you can fish for free. 

If I rent a boat do I need a license to fish?

Yes, you will need to purchase a Minnesota Fishing License. 

Is Bait included with my rental?

No Bait is not included with your boat rental. You can purchase bait at our Marina

I caught fish while using your rental boat is someone available to clean my fish?

We do offer fish cleaning when we have someone available, we ask that if you do have fish to clean that you are patient for timing. We may have a lot of boat rentals returning and guests to help and will get to your fish as soon as we can. If we do not have the availability to clean your fish, we do have a fish cleaning station stocked with filet knives and bags to clean your catch.

I damaged something on the boat while renting, am I responsible for that repair?

Yes, you will be responsible for any damages to the rental watercraft. If you have large damages where our marina staff can not fix it we will find a certified marine dealer to make the repair and you will be billed accordingly. 

I have the Boat rented multiple days do I have to return the boat every night by the check in time?

No, you do not have to return the boat each day at the check-in time. We do ask that your last day of the rental that you are on time for check-in.

Are we allowed to trailer the boat to other lakes?

We do not allow the boat to be trailered to other lakes or accesses around the lake

Do I have to be a guest of your resort to rent a boat?

We are not exclusive to our guests on site, the public is welcome to rent our boats

I rented the boat for a week but am staying somewhere else on the lake can I dock where I am staying?

Yes you can drive the boat to where you are staying and keep it docked at that location

Do you do half day rentals?

We do not do half day rentals

Do the boats come with a fish finder and GPS?

Yes all of our boats are equipped with Fish locator/ GPS Combos. 

We have never fished Leech Lake before will someone show us where to fish?

Yes, our marina staff will mark some spots on the GPS where to go and what to use to hopefully catch some fish.